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I am Matt Dean, I'm 28 years old and i currently live in Derby, UK. Originally from Essex I have been creating content online for years. I'm very new to the weight loss space but I am very determined to lose the weight and share my journey with the world.
It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop

Hey, My name is Matt or Justloseitmatt on TikTok and I’m on a weight loss journey, I’m currently on a calorie deficit trying to lose 5 Stone (70lbs)!

I have been overweight for many years and decided in January of 2021 to finally do something about it. I have been documenting my journey on TikTok and have gained a lot of amazing followers in the process.

I set up this website as I have always been passionate about social media and would love to share my stories with the world.

Weight loss So far

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