Calorie Deficit Calculator

Hey everyone, A lot of people have asked me how I calculate my Calorie Deficit so I thought I’d share with you the spreadsheet that I created and use every week to track my weightloss.

The spreadsheet is rather simple and it uses what is called the Harris-Benedict Equation to calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure which is then used to calculate how many calories you need to consume to lose X amount of lbs every week.

For the purposes of this post, Lets assume I want to lose 1lbs a week.

I am 28 years old, and I am 6ft which is 182.88cm my current weight is 240lbs which is 108.86kg, My inputting that into the spreadsheet it tells me that I should be eating 2015.92 calories per day.

The Activity level on this can be adjusted to your specific activity level, Mine is currently set to 1.2 as I work an office job and don’t move all that much.

The activity levels shown above will help you to work out a more accurate deficit to help you to achieve your goals, as everyone is different and some of you will be more active then me, even if you are the same age, height and weight if you are more active it will mean you can eat more calories in the day.

This spreadhsheet is free to download and use. I recommend using Google Sheets as that’s what I used to create it, Moving to Excel might work, but it could break some of the formatting.

To download it, click the button below and then Open with Google Sheets.

You then want to go to File – Make A Copy.

This will give you your own version of the spreadsheet that you can edit to your hearts content. I hope this helps some of you as It’s really helped me visualise my weight loss and has helped me to keep track of what should be going in.