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  • This is a topic that will no doubt come up a lot so I thought I’d make a quick post about how I personally work our my own calorie deficit. I started this weight loss journey in January of 2021…   Read more»

  • Matt posted a new topic "Weigh day week 12"

    Hey guys so it’s weigh day today. I’ve out on 0.4lbs so I’m going to chalk this one up to a maintain.    Today is the start of a brand new week. Going to set myself a goal and stick…   Read more»

  • Matt posted a new topic "Hey guys!"

    So this is new, hopefully this can become a nice little community for everyone to join.   I don’t quite know what to expect making a community section on the website, but I figured it would be a good place…   Read more»

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  • Hey everyone. Howre you!

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